Compulsory Courses for Programs
Graduate School of Naturel and Applied Sciences           MSc/PhD


The Scientific Research Methods and its Ethics  (Compulsory Course for All Programs)


Course Code
Course Name
Biology MSc 501101546 Design and Analysis in Biological Researches
PhD 501111625 Priciples of Writing and Publishing Article
PhD 501112630 Research Design, Funding and İntel. Property Rights
Physics MSc 501301529 Mathematical Aplications in Physics
MSc 501301530 Modern Quantum Mechanics
PhD 501311621 Quantum Statistics
Chemistry MSc 501501533 History of Science and Chemistry
MSc 501502530 Literature Review in Chemistry
PhD 501511621 Advanced Analysis and Seperation Methods
PhD 501512617 Advanced Analysis Methods
Statistics MSc 501401521 Statistical Theory
PhD 501411610 Probability Theory
PhD 501411609 Multivariate Analysis
Mathematics-Computer MSc 501701504 Mathematics
PhD 501711636 Fundamentals of Mathematics
Computer Engineering MSc 503001501 Algorithm Design and Analysis
PhD 503011601 Advanced Algorithms
Electrical Electronics Engineering MSc 503102501 Introduction to Linear Transformations
PhD 503111611 Linear System Theory
Industrial Engineering MSc 503201503 Linear Programming
PhD 503201505 Stochastic Processes
Engineering Management MSc(non-thesis) 506301506 Method and Time Study
MSc(non-thesis) 506301502 Engineering Statistics
MSc(non-thesis) 506301503 Quantitative Methods in Decision Making
Chemical Engineering MSc 503501501 Transport Phenomena
PhD 503511603 Advanced Reactor Design
Civil Engineering MSc 503301513 Theory of Elasticity
PhD 503311604 Engineering Mathematics
Mining Engineering MSc 503602505 Mining Statistics
PhD 503611607 Economical Analysis of Mining Investments
Mechanical Engineering MSc 503701518 Engineering Numerical Analysis with Mathematica
PhD 503712608 Numerical Solution of Engineering Problems
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering MSc 503901511 Advanced Characterization Techiques
PhD 503911602 Phase Transformations in Materials
Geological Engineering MSc 503401504 Neotectonics
PhD 503411604 Advanced Quaternary
Field Crops MSc 504201520 Data Anl.and Interpretatıon Methods in Agr.Res.
PhD 504212607 Scientific Project and Article Preparation Technique
Horticulture MSc 505001508 Plant Genetic Resources in Horticulture
MSc 505002510 Basic Laboratory Techniques
Msc 505002512 Fundamentals Ecological, Biological and Physiological Principles of Horticulture
Agriculturel Biotechnology MSc 506602507 Molecular Markers and Analysis Methods
MSc 506601511 Molecular Laboratory Methods
Animal Science MSc 505101506 Reproductive Endocrinology
MSc 505102510 Biosecurity in Animal Breeding
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition MSc 506802501 Preparation of Fertilization Programs Depending on Soil and Plant Analysis
MSc 506802503
Architecture MSc 504002522 Advanced Architectural Research Methods  
PhD 5040... Research Methodology in Architecture
Biotechnology and Biosafety MSc 505302501
MSc 505302502 Biostatistical Methods
PhD 505302515
Polymer Science and Technology MSc 505401501 Fundamentals of Polymer Chemistry
MSc 505402501 Polymer Characterization
PhD 505411601 Synthesis and Characterization of Macromolecules
PhD 505412601 Functional Polymers and Modifications
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology MSc 505502501 Nanostructured Materials
PhD 505512602 Quantum Mechanics
Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Technologies MSc 507101501 Electrochemical Basics
MSc 507102502 Electrochemical Methods
Railway Systems MSc-MSc(non-thesis) 505201501
Occupational Health and Safety MSc(non-thesis) 506501501 Occupational Safety
MSc(non-thesis) 506501504 First Aid
Aviation Science and Technology MSc 503701508 Nondestructive Test Methods